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Although online shopping offers easy, fast, and convenient shopping with flexibility of time and places, many people still hesitate to buy things online. They are afraid for possibility of cyber crime when the outsider steals their personal information for something bad. In order to give your customers peace of mind, you must ensure your customer that you have secure system. Once your customers believe that you can give them secure electronic transaction, you will see increase on your sales and improvement on your reputation. Increasing reputation will make more and more people come to your online store and buy things from you.

However, to get secure online payment system is not easy. Cyber criminals are smart and they use high technology to break security system and get what they want. Therefore, you need to be one-step ahead of them to make sure they will not able breaking your system. You need to be smarter and use higher technology than the criminals out there. In order to do it, you need to build a good security system by using Cyberplat MPI Module. The module is better than other electronic transaction security modules available in the market because it offers many benefits to the users.

The main benefit you will get is guaranteed secure process on every electronic transaction. The module will significantly increase website payment security because it uses 3 d security protocol and using SSL protocol. Cash flows will only take place in closed interbank networks so none unauthorized party will know customer details. All requests and responses will only transmit over encrypted form. Even the smart hacker will find problem to break the system or at least need too much time that not worth the result so they stop before they could get the information. Fraud losses on electronic transaction on your store are unlikely to occur.

The other benefits of this module are small size and surprisingly affordable price for security payment module with 3d secure authentication. The size of the module is only 90KB. Even if you have small size hard disc or small free space, you likely not experience problem to install it on your computer. With low pricing in three different options, you could choose the most suitable option for you. Nevertheless, paying for ultimate payment security is nothing compared to customer satisfaction and increasing reputation of your e-commerce business. Your revenue would be more satisfying and you can spread your wings to reach higher sky.

Why you should be an 8 to 11 blogger?

I have read in the book “Think and grow rich” that if people stood by a desire then they would have a different story to tell. All achievement in the world was done by people who burned all bridges never to come back, to do or to die. And they did. This very much applies to blogging, there are a lot of people who start blogging and after a few months abandon it because they are not getting the results that they want.

They would try but little for the sake of trying. Today’s post is for all those who quit early. Remember that the darkest hours are just before the sun rises.

Jon Morrow who is now the co editor of Copyblogger began a site on the  make money online niche and within 3 months the site was getting 2000 unique visitors per day. In a broad sense traffic is money. For him blogging was not a game.

He was really into blogging. He dived into blogging, blogging became his sole obsession. He started at 8 in the morning and stopped at 11 pm when he went to bed. All the time he spent online he was networking with other bloggers, he was writing posts, testing, tweaking and cooking up great stuff to post. He was not  any other blogger down the street who would just try blogging to see it it works. As I said people would have a different story to tell the world had they stood by what they were doing instead of succumbing to pressures around them and giving up at the first sign of failure? You are not defeated by failure. You are only defeated when you accept failure.

What I did not mention in the story that there was something that happened before he got into blogging like a maniac.

He had an accident which broke 14 bones in his legs and for months he was on a hospital bed where he could do nothing. Loneliness and a lot of time makes the best amongst us introspects.  He thought about his life and found out that he was not happy the way things were going. He wanted to change and he did change.

Again I did not tell you something. He has a disease called SMA which doesn’t allow him to move a muscle below his neck.

You can read that here.

The one advice which I give to newbie bloggers when starting out when coming to blogging with the dreams of hoards of cash and a 4 hour work week is blogging is not the four hour work week when you start out. To grow your blog at the speed of lightning you need to work, work and only work. Work till you get an authority. Comment until people see you everywhere, guest post until people stop their buzz, their self occupation and pay attention to YOU!

There are 181 million people out there actively involved in blogging and the numbers are only rising. To get their attention you need work your ass off. You need to clear myths as a newbie blogger or a blogger who hasn’t got his share of the success pie yet.

1. Work hard

Blogging is not easy work. You might have come here to escape the misery of the 9 to 5 job but until you drown yourselves in pure work the rewards are going to be much later in your timeline.

Here’s what Patrick Meninga who sold his flagship website for $200000 says about his success

My website sold for such a large amount was because I averaged 3 new articles per day for the 4 years that the website existed.


2. Make yourselves a celebrity with guest blogging

It doesn’t cost you a dime; it gives you instant traffic and boosts your web presence.

Use the various mediums available to you as a blogger and make full use of it. Guest blogging is hot now but when everybody is guest blogging how will you stand out? There are many guest bloggers but I remember only few people who stood out with guest blogging by guest posting like  maniacs. Neil Patel of Quicksprout did not invest single pence in building links, he guest blogged 311 times on different blogs, Onibalusi of Youngprepro wrote 271 guest posts and is still writing, Michael Chibuzor of Contentmarketingup is the super star of guest posting with over 600 posts to his name. All these guest posts are bringing targeted traffic from Google, building them several links, increasing their social shares and above all these methods  Google penalty proof.

Dreaming requires sleeping but achieving those dreams requires sleepless nights.

3. Write unique valuable content

If the content that you write can be written by any Fiverr seller then what’s the value of your content. Being a freelancer myself I know content which fetches $400 for 250 words and content which attracts $5 for 800 words. People value real experience poured into the heart of the writing. That is  which differentiates you from the rest of the herd. Stop creating what has been told many times over and over. I read an article which was titled “5 awesome ways to get traffic”; unfortunately only the title was awesome. There was nothing in it which was out of the box.

But when I read I shared it all my friends because it was awesome. Read widely so that you can add instances of awesomeness into what you write, think about the impact that you will create. Have you heard of Gandhi’s talisman. On every school text book in India we have it and says a great principle which can be applied to blogging.” If  you are in confusion before doing something bring  the poorest face you have seen and   think whether your action will benefit him” Think whether your post will really benefit your reader. You will never blog wrong.

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