The 5 Best Free SAT-NAV Android Apps for Your Smartphone


No one can deny the fact that SAT-NAV is truly a great useful gadget; you can rather say a ‘need’ for the drivers as it tends to make their lives easier. Certain devices from the likes of Garmin and TomTom not just offer turn-by-turn audio navigation but also offer visual guidance to the drivers when they need to get somewhere, however, their prices are often not affordable for all Smartphone users. Hence this is exactly where the Google Android Smartphone comes in and saves you from this situation. Since numerous devices advantage from GPS that actually identifies the location of the user, great number of firms thus developed apps which actually offer the user turn-by-turn navigation on the handset just for a fraction of cost. Few of them are also free. Well, in this article you will learn about the top 5 favorite SAT-NAV apps that are totally free of cost for your Smartphone that is supported by Google Android operating system.

Read on to know more about them below

Google Maps with Navigation:

This free app tend to build on the Google Maps, that already comes as the part of operating system, it offers the users audio and visual turn-by-turn directions starting from their existing location to the desired new destination, it can be in form of postcode, street name or even the type of place such as hotel, restaurant etc.


SKOBBLER GPS Navigation tends to utilizes OSM (Open Street Map) the Wikipedia of free maps updated by approximately 250,000 users. Besides offering the turn-by-turn audio and visual navigation, SKOBBLER also encourages its users to make modification plus update the maps, in order to make the poorly and outdated maps the thing of past! An only problem of SKOBBLER is that this free version is supported by the adverts.


Like the mentioned other apps, MapQuest tend to offer visual and audio directions plus even allows the users to speak their search or their destination for the hands-free input.


Similarly, pedestrians may also need direction to follow and hence Aug-SAT-NAV removes their need of following the map. Rather, it uses the augmented reality routing system that overlays the directions for the walkers upon the live camera feed interestingly from their Smartphone of the road/path ahead. They just need to follow the displayed white line on their screen.

Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner:

Obviously, it is not always the car owners that need navigations in order to reach their desired destination. The app named Bike hub cycle journey planner, tend to feature accurate turn-by-turn directions using the cycle and read paths, and is actually the conjunction along with, in order to offer the quietest and quickest routes for the cyclists. It even benefits from the vibrating alerts and above all, the voice instructions.

So these were the best five SAT-NAV apps that are free of cost for the users. Visit this website for more information today as they tend to provide the users great ease and convenience, thankfully free of cost!

The article is shared by Gloria Philips.


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