5 Cool Apps to Maximize iPhone 5 Features

Two months after the release of the iPhone 5, Apple fanatics are still ecstatic about the newest and best iPhone yet. iPhone 5 users love their iPhones’ innovative features and new technology. Tech experts would agree that the iPhone 5 doesn’t just play on its branding to sell out.

The iPhone 5 competes using its strong features: Its 325ppi Retina Display screen, its thin and lightweight form, its internal storage that goes up to 64GB, its gyroscope sensors and new Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. And though the iOS 6 gained so many haters (so many that one of Apple’s executives got sacked for it), it’s enough to say that the tech company deserves some credit for adding so many new touches to the iPhone software.

5 Cool iPhone Apps

But these great features are useless without apps to maximize them. Here are 5 cool apps that you should get for your iPhone 5 to make sure you can get the most out of its unique features.

  1. Shooting Showdown – There’s nothing like a good game with a challenging graphical interface to show off the iPhone 5’s screen. Shooting Showdown not only slathers your 4-inch iPhone 5 screen with rich graphics, it also maximizes its gyroscope, 1.3GHz processor and 1024MB of RAM.
  2. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy – Another great game that was optimized for the iPhone 5’s 4-inch Retina Display is Sky Gamblers. The game’s 3D graphics definitely make the most out of the 1136×640 pixels screen. Its console-like quality also maximizes the iPhone 5’s dual core processor and RAM. In the multiplayer settings, you can do a lot with its 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity that can go up to 150mbps.
  3. Twitter/Tweetbot – While Apple fans were not too pleased with how the iMaps turned out, there is no denying that Siri has made a lot of iPhone 5 buyers happy. Twitter is now so deeply ingrained into the iOS 6  that you can tweet through Siri. Tweetbot users also benefited from the iPhone 5’s “pull to refresh.” Also, a taller screen means more tweets to display!
  4. iMovie – Although the iPhone 5’s rear camera stayed at 8 megapixels (which is still considered above average for normal smartphones), its 1080p video capacity at 30fps makes iPhone filming so good it’s actually becoming a fad. But these great camera features can still be maximized by using Apple’s own video editing app, iMovie. And since you’ll be working on a larger screen, editing will be a breeze even on a small device like the iPhone.
  5. GarageBand – The iPhone 5’s design is such a special upgrade from the previous models because its screen got taller, not thicker. This is especially helpful for those who loved Apple’s GarageBand. The longer iPhone screen gives music makers wider keys for the piano and better control on other virtual musical instruments!

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