5 Technologies We Just Can’t Get Enough of Today

Technology is addictive. It makes our life infinitely more interesting. It reduces the amount of time we have to wait on things. It fulfills our innermost desires to make the impossible a reality. There’s some technologies that we just can’t get our fill of. From video on demand  to virtual reality goggles, we want it all. Here’s the five most desired pieces of technology.

1. Cloud-Based Delivery

Services that deliver streaming media to your devices are in high demand. They eliminate the clutter caused by physical media and can reduce the cost of media altogether by eliminating the middleman. Services like Netflix that deliver video on demand have been the biggest names in streaming media, but that is fixing to change. Soon, everything may be delivered from the cloud, stored on the cloud and even worked with on the cloud. To prove the demand for these services is high, take a look at the recently announced Playstation 4. Gaikai, a service that delivers streamed games to the video game console, is featured as a core component that gives incentive to former PS3 owners to purchase a PS4 by offering what can be considered a new form of backwards compatibility.

2. Augmented Reality

The integration of reality with the digital world has been something engineers have tried to achieve for years. For years, the closest thing we’ve had to this idea are things like GPS devices. Now we have fully fledged augmented reality technology that can deliver news updates, maps that can create a path from point A to point B in the actual world and conferences that have people appear right next to you even when they’re thousands of miles away. Google Glass can do some of these things right now with the rest in the works. Augmented technology is one technology of the future about to be realized today. Soon, we won’t be able to get away from it.

3. Mobile Computing

The typical smart phone is a mobile device that is able to act as a phone, a web browser, a VOIP application and a number of other things. The one thing it doesn’t do is replace a computer. Content creation, graphic illustration and computer programming are still done best in their native environment: computers. Engineers are readily working to change this. People want to be able to take their entire work stations with them, and soon that’s just what mobile phones will be able to do when they become mobile computers.

4. Predictive Content Delivery

Website content has been divided into categories for years to help users sift through all the bytes available to them. Websites have recently begun implementing predictive content selection, which allows users to establish a preference for certain types of material. This lets websites show what users will historically find interesting above other news stories. The problem with this is that it still requires a vast amount of user input and it’s not always right. That’s where predictive content delivery comes in. It’s a technology that allows users to select what content they would like to see, then it delivers it to them. This enables devices to go hands-free and tones down the vast amount of information that could potentially flood devices like Google Glass.

5. Virtual Reality

Making fiction into reality has been man’s foremost goal ever since the first cohesive thought was formed in man’s head. Cave drawings evolved into pictures. Pictures evolved into words. Words evolved into movies that are as lifelike as they can get. Where’s the next step? The answer is simple: virtual reality. Imagine walking into a theater and experiencing a movie as it happens. The impossible would be possible. Outside of that, implementations of virtual reality in professional fields could prevent critical mistakes from happening. In the medicine field, this means that virtual reality could help during surgeries to save more lives. Virtual reality is one of the most far-out pieces of technology that people want today. It’s also becoming closer to reality as time progresses. The possibilities are endless, which is what makes virtual reality such a desired technology to have.

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