Best Android Spyware Apps?

I get A LOT of emails from readers who want to know what are the best Android spyware apps on the market today.  Although it’s easy to reply back with a list of what I think are the best, unfortunately it’s not that easy.

The problem is before you can decide which Android spyware app is right for you, there are a few questions you must first ask yourself. What is the best for one person, may not be the best for someone else.  That’s why once these questions are answered, it will be very clear which Android spyware app is BEST for you.

Here are three questions you MUST ask yourself BEFORE you buy an Android spyware app.


Understanding the “why” is the single most important question you can ask yourself. Are you buying an Android spyware app to catch a cheating spouse? To monitor your kids? Perhaps your an employer who wants to monitor employee issued cell phones? Once you understand “why” you are buying an Android spyware app, you can then have a clear picture of exactly “what” you want to get out of the Android spyware app that you’re about to buy. This leads us to the next question.


Now that you know “why” you are buying an Android spyware app, you should easily be able to determine exactly “what” you hope to get out of it — in other words what your objectives are for buying this type of software. For example, if you are buying an Android spyware app to catch a cheating spouse, then you’ll most likely want to get the evidence you need to find out the truth. The best thing to do now is make a list of all the items you would like to see in order to make you feel that you accomplished what you set out to do. Perhaps the evidence you want to see is either a text message or email from/to the “other” person? Maybe you want to get a copy of your spouse’s GPS location on a day when they said they were at work? Whatever it is that you need, make sure you know exactly what it is.


Budget is another important question you need to ask yourself. Is your budget only $50 bucks? Do you have an unlimited budget? Understanding your budget will help identify the best Android spyware apps for you and your budget. There is no sense is me recommending a $300 dollar Android spyware app when your budget is half that.


Ok, now that you know WHY you are buying an Androids spyware app, WHAT you want to get out of it, and also what your BUDGET is, determining the best Android spyware app for you is easy.  Look at the list of Android spyware app vendors below, take a look at the features, match it against what you want to get out of it, and then determine if your budget supports that specific model.

For example, if I’m buying an Android spyware app to catch a cheating spouse, and seeing copies of text messages and emails are the most important factors for me, with a budget of $100 bucks I’d go with Mobile Spy. I get a solid Android spyware app from what many consider is the industry leader, I get the features I want, and it’s within my budget.  However, if I wanted to actually listen to the surroundings of the phone to hear what my spouse is actually doing, then I’d have no choice but to go with MobiStealth’s PRO-X Android spyware app. They have a 3 month license for $99 bucks that has remote monitoring, plus everything else I want.


  • FEATURES: Stealth GPS tracking, CALL RECORDING (only Android spy app that offers this feature), remote room monitoring (secretly listen to the surroundings of the Android phone), sms/text message interception,  view call logs, view photos and videos.
  • 10 day money back guarantee.
  • Price: $49-$199 USD


  • FEATURES: STEALTH GPS tracking, SMS/text message interception, view call logs, view photos.
  • Monitor multiple phones.
  • 30 day money back guarantee. (If they can’t get the the software to work on your phone.)
  • FREE Sniper Spy PC spy software (Includes remote installation, live PC monitoring, & more) with purchase of Mobile Spy’s annual license.
  • Price: $49.97 – $99.97 USD

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