The Classic Super Mario Bros Revived And In Flash Version !

I remember playing Super Mario Bros when I got my first gaming console, Atari ! I used to play super Mario the whole day leaving behind studies and sleeping ! Unfortunately to say that I hadn’t been able to finish the game :( and I still have a dream to finish the game once in my life if I have that game back on PC.

There are many DOS version of Mario but are not similar to the one that I played on my Atari. Game developer Jay Pavlina created a flash version of Super Mario Bros which is similar to the one I am looking for. He added some extra features like you can select characters other than Mario like mega man, samos, simon and others. Many many thanks to Jay Pavlina for his effort to bring the Super Mario Bros Back…


super mario bros screenshot

He worked on this game for over a year. Funny to say that he made this game just for fun, he didn’t expect much popularity ! Now, people from all over the world are rushing to the site to play Super Mario, and, yes, I am already addicted to it! Feeling like old days!


character selection in super mario bros

You can read the interview with Jay Pavlina about the game here:

This is his official site :

You can either download or play the game online.

Download Super Mario Bros Crossover

Play Online Version of Super Mario Bros Crossover

Thanks to Amit Agarwal for the download link…

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