Fix A Broken Computer Clock with cr2032 Batteries

What happens when the clock on your computer starts ticking the wrong way? A broken computer clock can be a source of endless frustration; there’s just no solution in sight! If you find yourself constantly adjusting, synchronizing, or otherwise tinkering with your computer’s clock, there might be a solution you never would have guessed. There is a small battery attached to the motherboard that helps regulate dozens of your PC’s internal settings.

cr2032 batteries are button cells used primarily in watches and other small devices, including electronic games and fan controllers. Most computers have a cr2032 nestled by a section of the motherboard known for regulating settings such as the time and date, disk drives, system passwords, and voltages. These settings are accessed within the BIOS—the Basic Input/Output System—which stores its settings using a small battery.

When the battery is dying, the clock is one of the first things to go. It might start jumping ahead or staying behind, or may it reset to the year 1999. You may see an error when you turn on your PC stating to “Press F1 to continue.” Because the clock is normally regulated by the Internet, it can be extremely frustrating to see it change around so much. The solution, however, is much simpler than it seems. The battery needs to be swapped out for another one.

To gain access to the battery, turn the computer off, unplug it, and open the side panel. You should see the battery sitting on the motherboard. Make sure you aren’t statically charged by touching a metal object and pry the battery out with a small screwdriver. Replace the battery with a new one, close the side panel, and then try turning on your PC. You will more than likely have to set the time one last time. Try rebooting it a couple more times to make sure the clock doesn’t change. If it stays the same, you’ve successfully repaired your broken computer clock.

Finding out your computer’s clock is broken can be enraging, but the fix is as easy as changing a single battery. The battery, which regulates several system settings, is just a standard cr2032 that most computers have embedded in the motherboard. Though access to the motherboard is a little tricky, the battery itself is very easy to swap out and yields immediate results. If you’ve been frustrated with your computer’s clock, see if the BIOS battery is the problem.

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