Hands On With Acer Cloud Mobile S500

While Acer is a household name when it comes to notebooks and tablets, many people are still surprised to find that the Taiwanese tech giant also makes smartphones. Acer first took the wraps off its CloudMobile S500 at the Mobile World Congress while simultaneously letting the world know that its newest smartphone had already won an iF design award. The design of its latest Cloud Mobile S500 seems to be heavily inspired from its earlier Liquid series.

The smartphone has a distinct appearance with a matte finish instead of a glossy one. Its textured surface provides a sturdy grip and makes it easy to hold. The curved design makes for a phone that feels right at home in your palm. It has a 4.3-inch screen and other than the camera lens, a total absence of any controls on the front side of the device. The curvy bar at the top is where the speakers are.

Flipping to the back side you’ll find a hands free speaker near the bottom and the rear camera lens at the top. The left side contains the micro USB port from where you charge the phone or connect it to the computer and the right side has the volume controls. The top houses the headphone slot as well as the power button. The interior of the back cover houses the battery (1460mAh), and slots for a SIM and a microSD card.

The phone’s storage capacity is 8 GB. Since the internal storage provided by the smartphone is quite low, the ability to access the microSD card without first removing the battery is much appreciated. Furthermore, the phone will support microSD cards up to 32GB, a feature lacking in other competing handsets.

Images of Acer Cloud Mobile S500:

Acer Cloud Mobile S500

Smartphones now require additional options such as what Acer has offered in its cloud storage features as competing purely on the basis is a thing of the past. The feature that Acer is hoping will make it stand out in a market, overflowing with mobile devices is the incorporation of the Acer Cloud service. The fact that Acer wants this feature to be a prominent one is evident from the very name of the smartphone. Users will be able to use the Acer Cloud service from their phone and access their files, music and videos not only via their smartphone and their PC but also from several other Android devices.

But the cloud storage option isn’t Acer’s only selling point. The smartphone will be running on Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It boasts other powerful specs that will guarantee it a place at the top of the group. Following are the chief specifications on Acer Cloud Mobile S500:

  • A 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1280×720.
  • A 1. Processor.
  • 1GB RAM.
  • An 8 megapixels rear-facing camera.
  • A front facing VGA camera.

With a unique offering it still remains to be seen if Acer can finally make its mark in the smartphones arena.

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