Hitting the Water with the Best Mobile Boat Racing Games

There is only one thing better than lounging on the beach and that is making waves. Come and tear up the surf with us as we see which boat racing games are the best for your high seas mobile device. So start your engines and level off the trim as we barrel our way down the murky water that is the Google play store and emerge with the best boat racing a gamer can find.

Throwing water high into the air and letting it fall onto the backs of other boat racing games is Turbo River Racing, developed by Textite. In Turbo River Racing, players guide their boat down the river, steering clear of any obstacles, like floating trees, to reach the finish line. Gamers will lead their boat through rings that are placed in the water for extra points and can collect coins that will help with the player’s total score. Players will tilt their device to control the boat from the left to the right. The game offers great visuals for a mobile game and the sound is not that bad either.

Blowing its way onto our top boat racing games is Age of Wind 2, this game has players taking the helm of their own sailboats in an age when piracy was rampant on the seven seas. Players can either be the pirates and raid villages or they can be peaceful merchants trading with the villages that come across. Whichever way the player chooses to play, there is danger on the sea. Enemies will give chase to your sailboat and players must use their cannons to escape, picking up the destroyed boat’s cargo along the way. Age of Wind 2 is on sale for $.99 at the Google play store.

Sailing onto the list is Sailboat Championship by developer Infinite Dreams. Sailboat Championship was made with today’s most high end mobile devices in mind as the graphics are nothing short of phenomenal. The water physics are probably the best that mobile gamers are ever going to see on their devices. That is until the inevitable Sailboat Championship two. The graphics are so detailed that players can see the reflection of their sailboats in the water. Sailboat Championship is also a slightly difficult game to master. It is on sale at the Google play store for $3.99 and if you want to give your mobile device a work out, full sail ahead.

Bringing up the sails at the last minute for an honorable mention is Shine Runner by developer Vector Unit. In Shine Runner, players will take their flat bottom, fan driven boat through the swamps to collect moon shine. Players then have to deliver the shine while avoiding the police, who give a relentless chase. The game world is almost totally destructible, with players able to crash their boat through chicken coups and other buildings. This game is available for $.99 on the Google play store.

Head on over to the Google play store now to download any one or all of these great boat racing games!

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