How to Split Screen in Windows 7

It is amazing what computers can do these days. There are numerous tips and tricks that are not known to many people. In fact, many of these tips and tricks can help you work faster and more efficiently. Sometimes, it is surprising to know the number of shortcuts and tricks people use in their daily work. Studies have proved that the use of short cut keys, tabs and the latest tricks can actually help you accomplish your tasks almost twice as fast as when not using them.

In this article, let us focus our attention on how to use split screens in the Windows 7 Operating System. If you are one of those that constantly jump from one application to the other when working on your computer, the Snap feature can help you increase your productivity by optimizing workflow.

The Snap Feature

This is a built-in feature in the Windows 7 Operating System that converts your computer display into a split screen (enabling you to position 2 Windows besides each other). Having two Windows besides each other can help you increase your working speed. For instance, if you want to copy text from a specific browser and paste them on to a notepad, Snap will help you view both Windows simultaneously, giving you a clear and unobstructed view.

split screen windows 7

How to use the Snap feature to split screen in Windows 7

1)      Launch any two applications that you want to work with simultaneously, and keep both their Windows maximized.

2)      Click on the title bar of the Window on the right and drag it to the left of the screen, such that you place it in the middle. The rectangular outline should show you where you have dragged the Window from.

3)      Repeat the same to the other Window, but this on to its right. Do it in such a way that both the Windows are in the same outline / border.

Desktop divider

The desktop divider tool allows you to split the desktop screen into not just two segments but any number of adjacent screens. Every tile behaves like a tiny desktop within its own limitations. On maximizing a Window, it will span the title area. There are different methods of maximizing a screen within the title as listen below.

1)      Using the Maximize button

To use this feature, you can enable the ‘Maximize to Desktop Divider’s tile’ option in the action panel section of your Mouse settings page. This will allow you to maximize your Window to the size of a tile.

2)      Using the Aero Snap feature

This feature can be activated by pulling the Window to any place in the tile.

3)      Using the Divider tile button

Use the left button on your mouse to transfer your Window into the nearest tile. Use the right click button and select the special Tile Selector option where you can select the tile to put your selected Window into.  You can also choose different adjacent tiles to make your own combined area of Windows.  The put into window will help you make all the right selection of Windows you want to work with.

4)      Using the Hot keys

The hotkeys can be used to shift Windows in between tiles in the selected direction. The following key combinations can help you do so.

  • For configuring, use the Windows + C keyboard configuration
  • Shifting desktop divider down – Shift + Win key + Down Arrow
  • Shifting desktop divider up – Shift + Win key + up Arrow
  • Shifting desktop divider left – Shift + Win key + left Arrow
  • Shifting desktop divider right – Shift + Win key + right Arrow

Hope this guide to splitting a screen helps you perform your task faster.


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