How To Track A Cheating Spouse With Android Spyware

You have a gut wrenching feeling that something is not right in your relationship. Maybe your lover is being distant or cold towards you, or they have become more secretive than they ever were before.  However, now with Android spyware you can get to the bottom of your suspicions within a matter of days, and find out once and for all if your spouse does in fact have another lover. After reading this post, you will have a real understanding of how to use the Android spyware rom download right up to the discovery.

Stage 1 – Consider if the Android spyware  is the right choice for you: Due to the sensitive factors involved in finding out that your partner is cheating, you have to prepare yourself for the extremely unpleasant things that you may discover. Android spyware is extremely accurate, so there is no point denying the facts once it reports the phones events to you. Of course for most people they desperately want to find out for themselves so that they are not made to look like an oblivious fool, however you must understand that you may have some painful times ahead of you. On the contrary, if your spouse really has not given you any reason to suspect them of cheating whatsoever, then it may not be needed for you to use the Android spyware on their phone.

Stage 2 – Decide which Android spyware product is best for your needs: There are a number different Android spyware products on the market, and each has their own unique set of features.  Prices range from only $50 up to $350 with more and more capabilities as the price goes up. The higher end Android spyware products include the unbelievable abilities to be able to listen on conversations as they are happening as well as some even enabling you to remotely monitor the surroundings of the Android phone. This could really result in some nasty surprises for a cheating love rat as they will have no idea that the Android spyware is even on their phone as it is completely invisible.

Stage 3Get downloading Android spyware: Downloading Android spyware  could not be easier. Simply check that the phone’s internet is working by going onto a search engine or social networking site and if so then it your good to go! Simply go onto the URL of the Android spyware  that you have chosen and download in a matter of minutes.  (All of the download instructions and URLs will be given to you once you purchase the app.)

Stage 4 – Start using the Android spyware and it’s amazing features: The capabilities of the Android spyware are just astounding. You can look at all call logs along with the dates and times of both incoming and outgoing calls. Does your spouse appear to be calling a certain number a little too often? Well find out exactly who they are because with the Android spyware you can see their full number and your lover’s complete contact list so you will also see their name. Look through your partner’s emails and what they are doing online as well as seeing the dates and times of all text messages and being able to read them even if they have been deleted! Android spyware spy can monitor exactly where your partner is at all times and eradicate those lies by checking their whereabouts on the map online. See the times and dates of all locations and find out more details on each if you choose. All of this information is accessed through the site that is connected to the Android spyware, so you do not need to worry about having to grab their phone to see the results.

Here are a few Android spyware vendors to check out.

MobiStealth – This product is by far the most advanced Android spyware app on the market today. You’ll be able to not only read text messages, emails, and call logs, but you’ll also be able to listen to calls and remotely monitor their Android phone. No other Android spyware app on the market has all these features.

Go to for more info.


Mobile Spy - This was the first company to start selling Android spyare. Their apps are a great value, plus they offer live support which comes in handy when you need help with installation or if you have other problems. Although not as feature rich as MobiStealth, Mobile Spy is by far the best value for the money.

Go to for more info.


SpyBubble - This is probably one of the most OVER-HYPED Android spyware products on the market today. Yes, it can do a few things such as enable you to view text messages, call logs, and contacts stored on the phone, but some of the sites out there are saying just crazy things about this product that just are NOT true. It’s definitely not the best product on the market, you can spend less money and get more features with either MobiStealth or Mobile Spy, plus the app is visible in the phone, which could really cause problems if you are trying to spy on someone. Unless you plan on using this product to monitor someone who knows they are being monitored, stay away from this one!

Go to for more info.

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