Huawei Ascend D1 XL Review

Huawei stated that the company will release the ‘world’s fastest phone’ in February at the Mobile World Congress. The fastest phone will be called the Ascend D1 XL. It immediately stirred a lot of interest from people. While some expected a big phone, there were a few who were skeptical about the idea. Finally, the speculation is put to rest and the phone is now available in the market. When the announcement was made, the quad-core processor was a novelty. If the phone was released in April as was promised, it might have kept the promise. However, there was a delay and the phone was finally released a couple of days back. Now, there is a long list of quad-core phones available in the market!

The design:

The soft-touch back plate and red accents are typical trademarks of the company’s phones. Though it is aesthetic, there is nothing new to the design. The Micro-USB port is available on the left. The power button and the headphone jack are available on top. The right has the volume control. The phone is about 5.11 inches in length and about 2.56 inches wide. However, the phone weighs around 5.11 ounces which is considered heavy in today’s smartphone world. It might not be an easy fit into small front pocket jeans. The phone has a matte finish in the back.

It comes with an 8 megapixel camera supported by LED flash. It has a front-facing camera of 1.3 mega pixels. It carries a 2,800 mAh battery and the display has 1280*720 resolutions.

Huawei Ascend D1 XL

Operating system and software:

The Ascend DL XL is supported by Android’s 4.0 which is the Ice Cream Sandwich. It has built-in apps like Google Chrome, Messenger, Talk, Maps with navigation options, YouTube, TV, Music, Movies and other apps. There are other exclusive features like flashlight, security apps DLNA connection compatibility and voice dialing. There is an 8 GB backup for storage, Bluetooth 3.0 and Dolby 5.0 audio. You get a couple of customization options like 2D and 3D home page. Though the 2D is the usual home screen mode, 3D provides more depth to the screen.

The performance:

The call quality of the phone is really good. The audio from the speakerphone is quite adequate. The phone comes unlocked which gives you the flexibility to use any provider. The phone is neat for internet. It loads pages in a matter of minutes. With a quad-core processor, the performance of the phone is smooth.

Overall, the phone’s camera has great editing features. There are myriad customization options which are a great support for the User Interface. On the downside, the screen is not great and the picture quality is ordinary for the features the phone offers. Though the phone has a quad-core processor, it is just an ordinary phone compared to the quality quad-core phones you get in the market today. The unlocked feature maybe an advantage, but again you get similar phones with better features and qualities. It falls short of expectations and is simply not the ‘world’s fastest phone’.

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