In-depth Review of Sony Xperia ZL

To beat the heavy competition from popular smartphone manufacturers, Sony has announced the Xperia ZL. The mobile device is packed with the latest in technological advancements. It is rumored that the phone will be presented at the Mobile World Congress this month and launched in March 2013. Are you curious about whether it can take on established smartphone brands? Read on to know more…
Sony Xperia ZL

Some of Xperia ZL smartphone technical details

# 1: Operating system

The phone will have the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS which has already proved its worth with other hardware. When the phone offers multitasking, speed and personal customization, it is already on the road to success.

# 2: Performance quotient

The quad-core (Snapdragon) processor speed of 1.5GHz will definitely give users a high quality of performance. Those who like graphics and multimedia, the 320 Adreno graphics processing unit will be a treat. Previews of the phone have shown promising results vis-à-vis performance of the smartphone.

# 3: Visual output

Xperia ZL smartphone, with its 5 inch touchscreen gives HD quality output. The high-density resolution of 1920×1080 is bound to please even the most finicky smartphone users. With the color interface like Bravia Engine 2 built into the phone, one can expect life-like images and an amazing videos experience. The touchscreen is unbreakable and scratch-proof.

# 4: Memory

Sony’s smartphone Xperia ZL comes with a standard internal memory of 16GB but can be extended up to 64GB. This is a real boon for a person who is always downloading music videos and games. Combined with random access memory of 2GB, the phone is going to be lethal competition for frontrunners in the smartphone market.

# 5: Network

The handset supports various bandwidths with LTE (with 4G support where available) and GPS connectivity. The mobile device is designed for high-speed data transfer and latest wireless looping. It can also be connected to a NFC and Wi-Fi network.

# 6: Imaging

This is where the Xperia ZL smartphone will beat other similar devices. It has a 13 Megapixel camera that has outstanding features like detection of a face, auto-focus, touchscreen-focus, geographical tagging, stabilization and customization of pictures, and high definition picture quality.

# 7: Battery life

With competing brands launching smartphones in the near future carrying 3000 mAh batteries, this is where Xperia ZL falls short. Its 2370 mAh power seems very less in comparison. So far this is probably the only downside of the smartphone.

Overall picture

Design-wise Sony has something to be proud of in the Xperia ZL that will be entering the markets shortly. It weighs less than 500 grams and is less than 8mm in thickness. With such a sleek design it will give other bulkier models some stiff competition once it is formally launched at the Mobile World Congress this month.

The touchscreen is made of dust resistant and scratch proof material. The numerous ports and slots have protective covers too. Despite its delicate look, preview images show that the phone could turn out to be really sturdy. The back surface is not glossy smooth, but is made of a material that will give a better grip. So let’s wait for the MWC this month end and see how Sony’s Xperia ZL fares in the smartphone market.

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