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Are you a Mac user? I understand that you must be extremely satisfied with its performance. It never fiddles and everything comes out of the box without causing any trouble. But how about adding some extra freeware to it? If you don’t like the idea, take a look at the benefits.

First, adding a freeware is one way to stay away from pirated software. Two, thousands of freeware developers can gain benefits. Considering buying a commercial alternative is never a sin. Take a look at some of the freewares that will increase media management, communication, productivity and more for your Mac.

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In the past how did you view your MSNmessages and contacts? If you remember it used to be through iChat or Jabber transport. Now, Adium has proper MSNprotocol support and so accessing your MSNcontacts is now made easy. The IM in Adium is so smooth that it will save you more time and keep you trouble-free. You may download Adium right away from this link:

Apple Jack

This freeware is a small script which is designed for single user mode. Apple Jack has the capacity to perform several rescue operations and maintenance tasks. This freeware can also be used to fix filesystem inconsistencies. This particular feature is hard to find in other freewares. As soon as you install, Apple Jack reminds that it is a single user mode every time you login.  To learn more about Apple Jack visit this link:

Drop Box

This is a universal web disk service. Drop Box has the following features:

  • Revisions
  • Automatic sync (identical files)
  • Share files with Drop Box users
  • Share pictures similar to that of a web gallery

If you happen to have the free account you will get 2GB space which can be expanded based on your requirement. Create an account with Drop Box by visiting this link:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the best browser which meets today’s standards. Competing hard with Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome has come strong enough and out beaten its performance. Chrome is much faster when compared to any browser. The time consumed by Firefox to launch is sufficient for chrome to launch, conduct a search, visit one hit and start reading the content. That explains the speed at which Google Chrome works. Download Google Chrome by visiting this link:


Receiving notifications while working or studying is rather annoying. But what if the notifications appear nicely colored with creative pictures? Yes, this is what Growl does. It gives you notifications in bubbles that look very pretty on your monitor. You can also add additional utilities such as HardwareGrowler to receive quick status notifications on network connections, USBdevices and more. Download Growl from this link:

Komodo Edit

This is a lighter version of “ActiveState’s Komodo IDE”. Though this is a lighter version, it does carry some exciting features which are hard to replace. The unique feature about this is it looks identical on OS X, Windows and Linux. Komodo Edit can be used to do project management, syntax coloring, error checking, auto complete, inline compilation and many more. Take advantage of this freeware by visiting this link:

VLC Media Player

This is a not so appealing and unmanageable media player but has extreme power. This freeware uses built-in codes for all media formats that are given to it. Any file that cannot be played in any other players will definitely open up in VLC. VLC is also built-in with conversion abilities. You can check its conversion ability when you get time. If you don’t have this installed, do it immediately by visiting this link:

In addition to all of these, there are a few more must-haves like Coda, Airfoil, Mailplane, NetworkLocation, Interarchy, Meerkat and so on. There is a never ending list, but you can carefully pick the ones you find useful and derive the best out of Mac.

I you know some other great Free Software for Mac or you want to add some something, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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