Make A Bootable Usb Thumb Drive And Install Any Version of Windows

This post will be helpful especially for those who have the question “how to make a bootable usb drive?,” also for netbook users having no CD or DVD drive. Though netbooks have recovery options, netbook users wanting to install a newer version of windows will need a USB bootable drive.

There are many guides on making usb bootable by some command prompt which users find it difficult or by some bootable USB drive creator tool which most of the time doesn’t work and some are specific like ABUSB which supports only windows 7 but not other.

However, creating a bootable USB drive is not difficult because of Novicorp WinToFlash which is a universal bootable USB program which means it support Windows 7, Vista, XP/2000. Don’t know whether they support linux or not but the name says it does not.

What do you need to create a bootable usb flash disk?

1. Any Windows CD or you can create bootable USB from ISO too
2. A USB pen drive having capacity of 4 GB for creating Windows 7 Bootable USB or other OS like Vista, XP/2000 usb capacity of 2 GB will be fine.

Backup all the data in your usb drive before running the software to create bootable USB flash drive. After backin up, download Wintoflash tool from here.


Novicorp WinToFlash screenshot

How To Use Wintoflash?

Making a bootable USB drive by Wintoflash easy. Run the software and make the windows source path point to the directory where the windows setup files are located. If you have an ISO file then extract it into a folder using winrar and select that directory as the file source path. Choose your USB Drive letter correcty, don’t make the mistake by selecting your hard drive !

Click ‘Run’ and wait for the process to complete. I hope this Wintoflash Review will be of help to you.

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