Sushi Shift – The Puzzle Game with a Twist

Ever since Google launched its Android OS for mobile devices, people have been drooling over it worldwide. Everyday thousands of new games and apps are developed for this platform and released on the Google store. There have been many Android games that make full use of the flexibility and power of Android and a smooth touch screen game experience for users. Puzzle is a genre of game that has captivated billions of users worldwide for years.

Usually in puzzle games, objects like tiles, bricks, jewels, balls or artifacts drop from the top of the screen. The gamers can change the orientation or movement of those falling blocks or tiles at the touch of their screen. When two or more tiles are set in a row, they disappear making part of the screen empty and the player earn points for that. With longer tile chains or simultaneous combos, the gamer is able to earn more points and bonus points. The goal of the person playing the game is to keep the screen empty for as long as possible by creating such tile combinations. But, now the game Sushi Shift from developers So Not Soft, have taken this puzzle game experience to a whole new level with a twist.

Sushi Shift Android App

Everybody loves tasty Sushi. But, you seldom find a game that is as good as some authentic Chinese sushi at an oriental restaurant. In Sushi Shift, your goal is to remove or eat delicious Sushi blocks as they accumulate on the screen but, instead of using the classic screen touch with fingers, you do it by tilting the device you are using. This game makes use of the device movements and arranges blocks of Sushi accordingly so that you can line them up and remove. The fluid mechanism triggered at the movement of the handheld device makes it possible to unleash bigger, better and more complex combos compared to its touch and play counterparts.

Breathing life into the aging puzzle game genre, Sushi Shift has been able to capture the attention of almost all players that have tried this game. Players of the game have given generous praise and great ratings which speak volumes for the quality of play. The game stays enjoyable over a long time because of three distinct playing styles. A time attack, a time bound mode and a casual leisurely mode. All the modes have their own bonuses. The game high score charts are available via the developer website. Regular updates and bug fixes for the game are expected. To post your high scores you will need an internet connection in your device.

Apart from the report that the reaction to device movements and tilting are a little buggy for a few devices, there is not really much negative information about this game. A few players have reported that the game tends to hang their devices at launch, but future bug fixes should be able to fix that issue.

This free game is a rock solid entertainment option, if you are into mobile gaming. The game is available for all android devices running on Android 2.1 or above. The simple learning experience makes it easier for children and older people to adapt to the game easily. So what are you waiting for? Download Sushi Shift and tilt your way to some crazy fun.

Author bio: Steve August writes for AlphaDigits, an online resource for iPhone and Android app reviews.

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