Take A Break From Work And Play Desktop Tower Defense

Playing simple strategy flash games like Desktop Tower Defense between work can relief your mind from stress. In the workplace, your desk is your personal space, your refuge, your fort. Refrain from playing addictive games such as video poker games and now imagine an army of tiny pac-man like creatures trying to invade your fort (Click here to check the new 888 poker Canadian site). Naturally, this is an unacceptable situation, but how can you defeat them? You can buy tiny towers with guns to blast the invaders off the face of the earth.

Defining Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense is a free online game of tactical fortification and battle staged on a desktop. The enemy is small, round, and persistent and they are called creeps. Creeps intend to overrun your desk, and you must defend your space with artillery-toting towers.

Defending Your Desktop

desktop tower defense screenshot

Creeps enter the battleground (a desktop backdrop) from the top and left of the screen like relentless platoons of ants. The only way to stop the creeps is to purchase towers and strategically place these towers to block the creeps’ path and attack them. There are nine towers to choose from using the number keys on your keyboard and each has a different ability, which can be upgraded. You start the game with twenty lives and when they are gone, the game is over.

Controls: 1-9 selects a tower, ‘u’ upgrades a tower, ‘0′ deselects a tower, ‘s’ sells a selected tower, the space key pauses the game, and ‘n’ sends you to the next level early.

The Enemy on Desktop Tower Defense

Each level or wave of creeps has twenty creeps (ten creeps if the level of play is set to easy), and they tend to arrive about every twenty-five seconds. Some waves of creeps have special abilities like flight or faster movement. Gold is earned when you kill creeps-especially the boss creeps that arrive every eight levels. There is a breed of creep called spawnlet, and they do not give gold.

There is a quickstart tutorial provided for first-timers – use it. It takes time to sell a tower, and this time increases as you sell more towers. You can earn extra points by sending waves early, but be careful not to get swamped.

Gaming Convenience

Desktop Tower Defense is offered on a multitude of free-play gaming sites and all that you have to do in order to play is install Flash on your computer or smartphone or any other gadgets. When you visit a site and select the start button, the option to download Flash will appear. Just click on download, and in a few seconds you will be able to play any one of the thousands of games presented in Flash format. Online gaming frees you from the need for equipment beyond your computer, and these games are available from any internet connection, just like online casino games, so you can play them at home, at work, or anywhere you choose if you use your smartphone.

Click here to play: Desktop Tower Defense Offline or Desktop Tower Defense Online

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