The Best IPhone Apps For Freelancers

Freelance writers need every tool at their disposal to run their businesses. From writers to graphic designers, freelancers find that there are great mobile applications available to help them manage all of their operations. The best iPhone applications for freelancers make it a breeze to run a small business.

Shoebox Business Card Reader

Freelancers meet potential clients all the time. Keeping track of all of these new contacts can be a challenge. With the Shoebox app, you can simply scan all of your business cards and add them to your contact lists. Add notes to help with recall. Never again will you have to deal with piles of business cards in shoe boxes. The Shoebox app does the work for you.


A mobile version of the popular job bidding site, the iFreelancer app delivers new jobs right to your smart phone device. Be the first to get the best job listings for your freelance business. Available for both Apple and Android phones, iFreelancer is one of the best apps for freelancers.

Get Paid!

Invoicing and time tracking are necessary hassles that every freelance business owner faces. The Get Paid! app makes this task simpler, with time tracking, billing and invoicing capabilities. Track payments and send out invoices simply and easily. Create professional looking invoices that will impress your clients and help you grow your business.

Hours Tracker

Many freelancers find it a challenge to keep track of the time they spend on a project or job. Billing by the hour or the project is a breeze with the Hours Tracker app. Simply start the timer and let the app do the rest. Easily bill your clients for your time and calculate the true costs of your work.


Keep all of your files organized with this easy app for the iPhone. Bento, the mobile version of the FileMaker software, lets you organize all of your projects and files with one swipe. Keep track of projects, upcoming events and task items easily and never again have to search through multiple files.


Most freelancers have a million things to do in a day. Between managing clients, billing and working on projects, things often get lost in the shuffle. The Things app simplifies your to-do list. With an easy to use interface, Things is the answer to finding time to do everything on your list.


Turn your smart phone into a cash register with the Square card reader device and app. Accept payments, send receipts and add sales tax for easy payment processing. The Square app is simple to use and is ideal for independent contractors who find it simpler than collecting checks.


This popular payment gateway offers an easy to use app that makes receiving and sending payments a breeze. Pay for items online or collect from your client’s right from your phone. Withdraw funds and transfer them to your bank account. Send invoices and receipts with a few swipes and get paid quickly.


Based on the popular Pomodoro technique, this app provides you with a timer that allows you to break up your work into manageable, 25-minute chunks. Increase your productivity by working in short bursts. The Pomodoro app is great for freelancers who find it helpful to block out distraction and get more done.

LookBook Portfolio

Showing off your work to potential clients is simple with the LookBook Portfolio app. Simply load your favorite work samples, websites and files to this intuitive app and show off your best work. The LookBook Portfolio app makes it easy for you to impress clients with your samples.

Freelancers need every tool available to make their work simpler. The best apps for freelancers take the guesswork out of running a small business.

Shane writes for iCellFix, a company that provides iPhone Repair in Phoenix, AZ.

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