The Most Advanced Website Monitoring Service You Will Find On The Web

You started an online business with a server from a reliable hosting provider who promised you to keep your site always online but how much are you sure that they are not lying and just promised it to you just to buy their service?

As time passes by your site started getting popular and generating huge sales and out of a sudden your sales dropped to zero and you wonder what happened. With curiosity you tried accessing your website and you see “Too much server load. Come back again”. At that time you have no choice but to regret for the hosting you bought.

Thankfully the things I mentioned above are stories of the past! With the advancement of technology there are several website monitoring services online which assist you to monitor server stresses, server uptime, and website performance periodically so that you can upgrade your server or improve the quality of your website based on the data.

Dotcom Monitor Website Monitoring

Dotcom-Monitor is such monitoring service which will ensure your online business is running up to the level and customers are satisfied with it.

Dotcom-Monitor allows you to make sure that websites, email servers, file transfer protocol servers, streaming media, web apps, Voice over internet protocol systems, along with other online services are accessible 24×7. By continuously focusing on these innovation and advanced monitoring services Dotcom-Monitor guarantees that all small and big companies are at the top of their competition in network and server uptime, keeping and controlling Service Level Agreements (SLA), decreasing downtime expenses, maintaining online clients, and preserving a good reputation for online excellence.

Beside that, Dotcom-Monitor have web application monitoring service which ensure that users are completely satisfied using the web applications hosted on your website.

Whether your online applications are centered on Flash, Flex, Silverlight, AJAX, JAVA or some other rich web application (RIA) technology, Dotcom-Monitor’s browser-based web application performance checking solutions can evaluate your site from all over the world and inform you when there are problems that affect customer experience. Their step-by-step evaluation will let you observe what leads to bottlenecks and usability problems.

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