The Notebook Dell Inspiron N4050 Black – A Review

Although the increasingly multi-purpose nature of smartphones has led some to question the relevance of laptops as critical business tools, there can be little doubt that the range of modern devices provides excellent value for consumer cash. From toughbooks to ultra slim notepads, there is a diverse collection of laptops available to suit variable consumer tastes.

The Notebook Dell Inspirion N4050 falls in between these two categories, however, but has emerged as a durable, effective and easy to use piece of technology. Featuring more of a classic laptop design, it’s designers have focused on maximizing performance and usability over the initial aesthetics and visual quality.

The Display, Design and Performance of the Notebook Dell Inspirion N4050

This is not to say that the Notebook Dell Inspirion N4050 is an unattractive item of equipment, however, and it is certainly that has a high quality and purposeful display. At 14 inches in length and boasting HD WLED True-Life technology, it provides crystal clear imagery and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It is also surprisingly light when in transit, which means that it at least fulfills the basic brief of being easily transportable between locations. In fact, there is a neat correlation between the look and the feel of the Notebook Dell Inspirion N4050, and this compliments the designers well.

Dell Inspiron N4050

In terms of performance, the Notebook Dell Inspirion N4050 again does everything that you would expect from a contemporary laptop. Powered by your choice of either an Intel Core i3-2350M 2 GHz processor or an i5-2450M model, it is a high performance tool that allows users to perform multiple task simultaneously. As such, it is also a device with some extremely useful and highly evolved features, including a 1.3 megapixel web camera, a built in analogue microphone and scope for an Intel HD 3000 graphics card. For those of you who love your add-ons, the Dell Inspirion N4050 will prove an extremely satisfying purchase.

The Bottom Line Value to the Consumer

While these advanced features offer excellent benefits to users, even the more standard aspects of the Notebook Dell Inspiron N4050 are appealing as selling points. With up to 4 GB of internal RAM and the usual Dell Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, anyone who purchases the product can look forward to hours of seamless and uninterrupted usage. Given the further capacity to operate any number of different of programs, applications and web pages simultaneously, the Notebook Dell Inspiron N4050 is set to be an underrated player within the personal computer market.

Another feature in this product’s favor is it’s price, as It was released at a high end cost of just 43,528 Indian Rupees. Translating into an approximate cost of £500 for theUKmarket and just under $800 on, this stands out as an extremely affordable and competitive price. It also stands for genuine value for the consumer’s hard earned money, which is an increasingly important consideration in a depressed economy.

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