Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Sites

One can surely find a good number of cloud storage service providers, and this is because it is known to be one of the ever growing industries in the internet market and everyone wants to have its shares in it. In the following Cloud Backup Review you will get to know about 5 of the best cloud storage sites that are willing to offer you their services in the best possible manner, these include:

Just Cloud:

Just Cloud

Just Cloud is an American Company that is willing to offer you with the best and the finest backup solutions for your needs. The method of usage of Just Cloud is way much simple, as the company offers its clients a small desktop based application via which one can upload anything he wants within a matter of minutes. It could either be songs, movies, photos etc.

In order to work with Just Cloud, all you have to do is to:

  • Backup all your files and folders into your computer.
  • After you are done with the backup, Just Cloud will save the changes for you.
  • In order to add more files, repeat above procedure.

Now after the procedure is done, you can access all your files from anywhere you want and without doing anything extra.

Zip Cloud:

Zip Cloud

Zip Cloud has always been among the top ten online computer backup solutions providers, and this is mainly because of the fact that it is simple, secure and way much easy to use, and you can use it in every possible way in order to backup your data in the most efficient and effective manner. One of the best things about Zip Cloud is that it offers you unlimited storage space with the feature of automated backup. Besides that, it is also able to synchronize your multiple devices at a time, hence allowing it to do multitasking.

Another best thing about Zip Cloud is that it offers 256 bit encryption, hence allowing your data to be absolutely secure.

My PC Backup:

My PC Backup

It is another cloud storage service provider that is willing to offer you your money’s worth, and this is mainly because it not only offers you with easy and automated data backup, but it also allows you to conduct a full restore in minimum time frame. My PC Backup offers you with unlimited storage space while allowing you to upload any type of data irrespective of its format, hence making it the top most choice for all the business personals as well as people who needs to take backup of their data from time to time.

Sugar Sync:


Sugar Sync is quite different as compared to other cloud storage sites, and this is because it mainly deals in backing up the data of websites in the safest manner. With Sugar Sync, you can upload anything; it could either be spreadsheets, graphical files, executable files, documents, videos etc. You can do Real time upload with changes occurring instantly, Synchronization from multiple computers at the same time, Remote accessibility and a lot more, and all such things makes it the perfect choice for large industries.


yBP-4lRA.png (500×500)

Firedrive is famous for it’s large space. It provides 50 gb free space to users without any charge. Some notable features of Firedrive – Cloud Storage  is that you can create a one time download link for any file. That way you will not have any worries of the file being leaked. One unique feature of this file storage service is that you can upload files without having to log in. It also supports uploading via FTP.

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