Unblock YouTube In School Using The Best and Free Proxy Site

Wifi or broadband internet in schools or university have restriction and access to sites like YouTube is not possible. Though you can unblock YouTube with the use of software like VPN, PC in the computer labs have administrative restriction and hence installing VPN and other software is not possible.

And, yeah, you can also browse several free YouTube proxy sites like hidemyass, vtunel and other similar site, also by putting the proxy server address taken from free proxy list site in your browser settings. But then again, streaming from those proxy sites can be slow and would take forever to watch a 5 minute video!

The good news is there’s one particular site, http://www.freeyoutubeproxy.net/ sites which can bypass YouTube block and can stream video perfectly and with full speed.

Free YouTube Proxy

I have compared YouTube streaming from freeyoutubeproxy.net with some other site like hidemyass and I can say it’s the probably the best YouTube proxy site I came across.

Streaming is absolutely smooth, and the format or layout of the video window remains the same unlike hidemyass where the format gets distorted and the video window gets aligned to the left side!

That site proxy has another advantage over free VPN. VPN like hotspot shield takes some minute to connect and pop up ad appearing all of a sudden while browsing can be annoying. In this case, freeyoutubeproxy.net bears the advantage of being faster and having no annoying pop up ad!

Those who are living in regions where YouTube is blocked, can use this tool for instant access to YouTube.

In conclusion, if you are looking for YouTube proxy unblocker site that can play videos from YouTube and also from sites like Videmo, Dailymotion then http://www.freeyoutubeproxy.net/ is your ultimate choice.

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