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Kindle Fire was initially introduced for book lovers who were keen on a good reading experience. Apart from capturing the reading audience, Kindle Fire from Amazon has done more than what it was originally intended for. It has proclaimed its presence in the ever-expanding tablets market. According to Forrester Research, Kindle Fire is the second highest selling tablet, after Apple’s iPad with an estimated 7 million units being sold.

You can supplement your hobby of reading and work on multimedia content as well. You can stream videos of HD quality and get a good gaming experience with Kindle Fire. In addition to activating the many number of Apps that you want for your Kindle Fire, you can also carry on your day-to-day activities with ‘quick office’ applications that are pre-installed. However, to streamline the working of Kindle Fire and for high end user experiences, it is important to have a few tips and tricks, handy. Get the maximum out of your Tablet by using the following tips to your advantage.

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Improving Your Reading Experience

When you have bought a new Kindle Fire, you would be eager to check out the list of books available with Amazon Store. For those lovers of Classic novels out there, you would be happy to get a few to read for free. Check out the Kindle Free classics from the Amazon store that are a good bargain. Places like and are good to begin your book search. You can keep a note of the websites you visited using the simple bookmark option, with just a click on the link and a button.

If you find a word ambiguous, then you can immediately click and hold down on the word to get more information. Alternately, the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen is a great help. Notes can be taken on specific junctures in a book while reading. Hold and drag down the mouse on the paragraph, to highlight it for future reference.

Tips to enhance Usability

  • Secure your Kindle Fire with password protection that activates from Wi-Fi. This gives parental control and helps block certain content from kids. The Wi-Fi connection can also be secured with passwords.
  • There is a good solution for cluttered desktops. You can select applications that are not required and delete them. You can also favorite applications that you frequently use. You can clean your carousel by deselecting applications from their presence in the carousel.
  • Battery life is something that is near and dear to every user. Just a tap off the power button at the bottom of the screen to ‘hibernate’ the tablet. Make sure you close the Wi-Fi when you are not using it. Forced close-down of applications running in the background is a good idea, as it saves on battery back up.
  • Always check on the memory available. Since your books, videos, and other content will take up space, it is important to keep a check on the remaining memory. This will help you organize the Kindle Fire better, so that it can hold your important files, when and where you need them.

Access More Applications

For those of you who feel that the Amazon Store limits your choices, and you need an option to sift through other Android apps, you have an opportunity to do so. Tweak the Kindle Fire settings menu to allow the installation of apps. Search in for apps that end with a .apk. You are sure to find many that will match your taste.

Whatever you use your Kindle Fire for, this compact portable tablet can work to your advantage. These tips will make a significant difference to your way of working by providing usability.

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