Windows 7 Virtual Wifi Router – A Kick-Ass Alternative For Connectify

I hope you know that you can make a WiFi hotspot with the use of a software like Connectify. Connectify was the first software to come up with the idea of creating a WiFi zone with the help of wireless networkcard on your laptop. I have read on some blog that Windows 7 has the option to make a WiFi hotspot but that is too difficult and only geeks will be able to do that.

I have been using Connectify since from the beginning of their release. I have a router but it’s on other corner of the house therefore I get very weak signals. What I did is, I placed my old laptop in the middle of the house which receives the wireless signals from the router and with the help of Connectify that laptop further transmits the signals to other part of the house. In this way I am using my old laptop to act as a wireless transmitter.

Router, Connectify and Laptop

Yesterday, I installed my PC with a fresh copy of Windows 7 and while installing Connectify on my system it displayed an error message that I need to have Service pack 1 in order to use it. I installed it anyway but it didn’t work. Tried several ways to make it run but no luck.

I have said goodbye to Connectify and found a better alternative, Windows 7 Virtual WiFi Router which is way much better than Connectify. The reasons why I like this alternative are:

  • Too small in size, only 448kb!
  • Needs no installation, runs standalone and therefore you can carry it on your pen-drive.
  • Super lightweight, less memory consumption and does not make your PC freeze unlike Connectify.
  • With a single click you can start a WiFi hotspot instantly.
  • Now, I am able to use internet on my iPod or Blackberry. Previously, I couldn’t connect my device to WiFi with Connectify.

Here is the official website if you want to give it a try, Windows 7 Virtual Wifi Router

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